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Digital Transformation


Smart Digital Configuration

Benefit from pre-built solutions and ready to configure.


Pre-Built Enhancement Assets

From timecard to milestone management, get pre-built assets.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Integrate, transform and scale your business with our ERP solutions.

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Bridging Workflow Gaps with Digital Transformation

Businesses and industries are no stranger to sudden changes, markets and processes change dynamically and Speck Pro helps you change and adapt alongside them. The road to digital transformation is a continuous one, we support our customers to rejuvenate their business with effective Procurement and Inventory Management System, Human resource management systems, Finance/Accounting management systems, Customer relationship management (CRM) systems, order processing, and digital landscaping. We offer pre-built assets easy configuration into your existing systems, as well as help you create new ones from scratch. We understand that every system and business is unique, which is why we configure systems according to your business needs, and organization type and size. Delivery customized solutions, we design ERP systems that serve small, medium, and large enterprises. Celebrate milestones, and benefit from timecard compliance, we align your resources within an effective ERP management system and help you forecast sales, and recognize potential streams of revenue. 

Enterprise Applications
Technology Consulting
Application Modernization
Business Intelligence & Analytics

Management Solutions and Digital Transformation Services

We create consumer-oriented applications, smart systems, and value-added processes that digitalize your existing workflows. By sketching a clean and simple approach, we keep in mind all your business requirements and help you deploy a system that makes management easier. Speck Pro provides digital transformation services that accelerate business growth and drives efficiency into processes. We help you build systems that facilitate every area of your businesses, from Human resource management to procurement and logistics. Our solutions are designed to enable our clients to make data-rich decisions and exercise greater control over their daily operations all while having more control over their business. As a key player in the industry, we believe that customized management systems can catalyze growth if implemented correctly. This is why we not only set up ERP systems but help our clients integrate them effectively within the core of their business.

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The massive shift from traditional to digital is made easy with our team of experts, around the clock support, and remote assistance. We help you gain and maintain your competitive edge with our digital transformation services and meet customer demands. With our Accounts Information System, view your cash flows in real-time, benefit from a complete accounting module, and oversee your workbook easily. Moreover, our Human resource management system enables you to view employee’s life cycle, payroll, attendance, compensation, and benefits, along with recruitment and shortlisting. Interact with current and potential customers with our Customer relationship management (CRM) system solutions, reduce response time and purchase cycles, all while benefiting from lead generation, opportunities, and customer retention Metrix. Our Inventory and Procurement management systems provide you with an on-time bill of materials, bill of quantities, production planning, stock remaining, movement of inventory, and more. Have our IT helpdesk support you around the clock, and with our help – embed digital transformation at the core of your business!