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Customized Internet of Things IoT Services

With innovation and smart solutions being our driving force, SpeckPro is your one-stop IoT solutions provider. We deploy a consultation driven approach and make your IoT KPIs a reality. By bringing to you a plethora of options, we build stable and scalable IoT ecosystems, which are equally customizable and cost-effective. Flexibility is at the core of our operations; we give our clients adaptable and practical solutions backed by rapid proof of concept. Our IoT solutions come in various forms depending on our client’s needs, we create customized IoT business applications and smart devices. We prioritize practicality and take it to the next step with prototyping product display if necessary. As a key player in the industry, we understand the need for optimized and tailored solutions especially for the Internet of Things. This is why our firmware comes embedded with your concept software and our hard work, making it the perfect IoT application! Our Internet of Things (IoT) powered smart solutions are for you, and for tomorrow’s better world.

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SpeckPro - One-Stop IoT Solutions Provider

At Speck Pro, we provide IoT enabled solutions that are reliable, responsive, and scalable. Making use of Edge computing, and Edge AI, we develop gateways and protocols that adhere to global quality standards. We offer the option of cloud and local servers, and custom IoT platforms that can support smart devices. After the initial phase of the review, we offer the option of an on-premise deployment. Our solutions are complete and flexible, we understand that our client’s requirements can change over time and build scalability into the design. With our team of experts, we ensure that our customer experience and the user experience of their products overachieve global quality assurance standards.

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Our offerings range from providing basic consultation to design enhancements and prototyping. We believe in creating designs and interfaces of the future with smart IoT technology. User interfaces are created with the end goal in mind, we provide content management systems that make our customer’s life easier. With our responsive IoT Website design, we help in creating landing pages and e-commerce portals that retain the attention of your website visitors. Utilizing real-time capabilities, our IoT applications let you track your customers in real-time and generate accurate forecasts. We bring to our customers, high performance, seamless integration, and most of all – security, by following communication protocols, user authentication steps, and file-level encryption. Benefit from having a robust IoT device at your fingertips, and have our team of experts support you with ongoing maintenance, improvements, and upgrades for your Internet of things applications.